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86 minutes. Artificial Eye. Content Film.

“A rich, unsettling character piece... Cumberbatch walks a razor's edge between vulnerability and something darker” **** - Emma Dibdin, Total Film

“A handsome debut… there is a strikingly confident voice here which marks [Hood] out as a talent to watch… a natural, strong style which many would envy” - Fionnuala Halligan, Screen International

“A brooding drama of rural disquiet and sexual tension… a very surefooted and confident piece of work” - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“Smart, engrossing and well acted” – Kate Muir, The Times

“A beautiful eye to it… haunting… beautifully directed” - Mark Kermode, BBC - View review here

“Great work from a gifted crew… intelligently shot and edited” - Tim Robey, The Telegraph

“Featuring compelling performances from an exceptional cast of young actors, and evocatively filmed in lush fields, eerie churchyards and desolate rural houses, the debut feature from D R Hood is a haunting tale of secrets and lies in the English countryside” - Michael Hayden, London Film Festival programmer.