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86 minutes. Artificial Eye. Content Film.

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Benedict Cumberbatch and Shaun Evans write about their roles


"It's great to play outside the usual casting demographic and to be asked to improvise with a group of actors whose work I have admired as an audience. Dictynna knew the world and background of her characters stories with tender detail and still let us explore our own ideas about them. David is a complex one and understanding his past was key to making sense of his actions although I think in the final edit there is a good ambiguity that allows an audience to reach for clues or understanding instead of the usual passive drip feed you are patronised by when it comes to the whys what's and wherefores of a fictional character. Much better to let an audience play detective than have everything explained and then forgotten about."


"For me the project was interesting because of the research that I had been doing for a personal project on post traumatic stress and the effect that has on men returning from conflict. Then the relationship between the two brothers David and Nick I thought was really interesting and well written, which raised a lot of questions that I didn’t have any answers to, at that stage. I'm also interested in the role our environment plays in the shaping of our decisions, and how the contributing factors of extreme or unusual atmospheres created by nature, have an effect on us, and having heard of the Fens as such a place, myself always having lived in cities, made another interesting thing that was, for me, worth exploring."